Castleford Choral Society
Founded 1932

The Society is generously supported by Patrons who contribute an annual subscription which helps to offset the expenses of hiring and purchasing music and staging concerts. In return for their support each Patron receives 1 free ticket to the Society's Spring Concert.

The current  subscription is £20, or £35 for couples.

If you would like to become a Patron of the Society please contact Richard Sloan 01977 558935 or by email




Mrs Maureen Dean


Mr and Mrs R Smith


Mr Ian Bennett


Mr and Mrs C Shackleton


Dr R Sloan


Dr and Mrs G Smith


Mr and Mrs J Heap


Mrs Odette Wright


Mr Ian Stevens


Mr and Mrs C Purchon


Mr and Mrs A Dawe


Mrs Ann Rhodes


Mrs Jane Henshaw


Mr Jeremy Thorn


Mr and Mrs J Richmond



Mrs Elizabeth Milnes


Mr George Coomber


Mrs Elaine Beach


Claire Burdon


Mrs Veronica Smith


Mrs Margaret Hopwood


Mr Alan Godridge


Mrs Margaret Whitehouse


Harry & Connie Clamp


 Pauline West


Anne Richards


Pamela Burdon


Mrs Jennifer Doncaster


Mrs Barbara Gibson


Anonymous Donor